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William Shakespeare: The man who sent dreams through each sonnet!

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is known as the great writer of England with many works of timeless significance, his plays have conveyed lofty ideas and made a great impact on the world cinema scene. So do you know anything about his life and career? What inspired his literature? Join us to find out through the following article!

The life of great writer William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was born in 1564, he was born and raised in an ordinary family, his father was a glove maker and knitting, and his mother was the daughter of a wealthy family.

Since his parents were in decline in the future, the author was forced to drop out of school at the age of fourteen and quickly married at the age of eighteen with Mrs. Anne Hathaway, then William Shakespeare left his hometown to London to earn a living by keeping horse with ticket checker at a theater.

Portrait of playwright William Shakespeare
Portrait of playwright William Shakespeare

He officially entered the theater activities of the city of London as an actor at the age of twenty-six. Four years later, the writer released his first play and quickly became one of the most famous playwrights in the British capital of that day.

“When I was born, I cried because I entered the great stage of fools.”

– William Shakespeare –

The year 1597 marked a milestone for the author’s success when Romeo and Juliet were born, the play made a great reputation in the England and brought the name William Shakespeare to audiences all over the world. 

The writer's works have a great influence in the world
The writer’s works have a great influence in the world

Besides, William Shakespeare also has other meaningful works such as Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, Macbeth and not stopping there, he also challenged himself with major plays and achieved many successes.

The author with a total of thirty-seven plays and more than one hundred Sonnet lyrical poems during his writing career, William Shakespeare has built up profound content with many fascinating situations to reflect on was the deep crisis of that era.

Right from the time the writer was still alive, his compositions were appreciated but not a great author. After decades, William Shakespeare was recognized as the soul of the British era.

William Shakespeare passed away in 1616 in his hometown and now his monument is located in Westminste, the great writer’s home that became the Shakespeare Museum to keep all memories of the author’s life.

The Avon River poet and immortal masterpieces for mankind

With his great dedication, William Shakespeare was honored as the typical poet in the England and he also has another nickname as the Poet of the River Anvon, the name associated with his home river.

The play Romeo and Juliet is one of the immortal plays on the British stage in particular and internationally in general, the content of the work revolves around a beautiful love story with a tragic ending of the two main characters. come from two families that have hated each other for generations.

Under the talented writer of the great writer, the love of the couple Romeo and Juliet has become a familiar image representing fidelity, in addition, the play is also an endless source of inspiration for many types of theater arts.

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

William Shakespeare –

The human value of love and social tragedy has brought Romeo and Juliet to life for a long time, because the work condemns the old aristocracy and the art of contradicting William’s plot. Shakespeare is highly regarded by critics.

Romeo and Juliet were transformed into a film in many countries and quickly became the classic movie of the audience, the work twice won the Oscar, the three Golden Globe awards and many other major awards in the world cinema. .

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was born in 1601, the play that exposed the brutality and corruption of the feudal society and conveyed the writer’s messages about a bright and good future.

Hamlet has had a lot of success for William Shakespeare
Hamlet has had a lot of success for William Shakespeare

The work is considered to be one of the most famous plays in the history of world theater with lyrical art, and there are also many conflicting opinions about the main character that the writer has worked hard to build.

However, Hamlet still lives forever in the hearts of the audience with many life tragedies, in order to convey the humanistic thought of the great writer, the play has forced viewers to stop to think about the noble souls are being corrupted that exist in society.

William Shakespeare is the greatest cultural symbol of England

Most of the writer’s compositions have become classics and are compared as the artistic heritage of all humanity, plays written under the pen of William Shakespeare are translated into seventy languages at the same time. Endless content extraction resources for literary critics.

William Shakespeare always had the right view of life worth stopping to reflect, this is also the reason why he was successful in his literary career.

In 2016, the British Council and the GREAT Britain campaign announced the Shakespeare Lives program with the aim of honoring the work of William Shakespeare and his influence in many areas of society.

Today there are many books and libraries about William Shakespeare such as the Folger Shakespeare Library in the capital of London, The British Museum in the City of London and the Bodleian Library of the University of Oxford England.

Great writer William Shakespeare is a great monument of English theater and the world
Great writer William Shakespeare is a great monument of English theater and the world

The filmmakers have transformed the author’s plays into many fascinating films and are shown around the world, William Shakespeare is considered the writer with the most works converted to cinema version.

The great writer’s work will last forever as a witness of British history and through it, William Shakespeare has sent readers and viewers many impressive plays and meaningful messages in the living event.

William Shakespeare devoted to the world many valuable works, so he is the great pride of the England. Although the writer has passed away, he still lives forever in the hearts of readers, because the profound messages he has sent through the plays are still in life for an endless length of years.

You can read some of his wonderful work in one of these book, available on 1billionbooks, such as A Companion to Shakespeare’s Sonnets, or A Concise Companion to Shakespeare and the Text

Hopefully, you will enjoy it!

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