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What do you know about Othello of Shakespeare?


William Shakespeare is one of humanity’s greatest writers. For a long time, Shakespeare’s compositions have gone beyond England, become a common property of the world, and are the most valuable legacy that the drama of the past has left us to learn, absorb, and develop. The time distance does not diminish modernity.

He has written about 40 plays, of which the masterpiece Othello is the most famous, the most successful one of all. So, let’s begin to dig into this composition to know more about Othello’s characters and its plot through the following article!

Othello’s plot

Othello is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare circa 1603, based on a short Italian storyline called “Captain of Morocco”. The work revolves around four central characters: General Othello, beautiful Desdemona, Deputy General Cassio and Captain Iago.

Othello is a talented black general in the Warsaw Republic. He often went to the house of the Senate Brabantio. Here he gets acquainted with Desdemona, the daughter of Brabantio. Admired by Othello’s victories, hardship and honest and noble soul through his stories, Desdemona fell in love with the black general and the two secretly married.

However, their love affair met many obstacles. Iago, a disgruntled Captain of Othello because he was not nominated as Deputy General, urged Roderigo, a big-money, secretly in love with Desdemona, who was in the night, to let Brabantio know. The senator was extremely angry, sending his servants to light torches to find Othello to go to trial before the Parliamentary Assembly on charges of using charms to seduce Desdemona.

Before Parliament, Desdemona dismissed his father’s accusations against her husband. She bravely protects her love and marriage. That same night, the Parliament received news that the Turks brought ships to attack Cyprus, and Othello was sent to Cyprus. Along with him were Desdemona, Deputy General Cassio, and Captain Iago. Emilia, Iago’s wife is allowed to follow Desdemona’s servant. The Turkish fleet was shattered by the storm. Othello instructed the people of the island to open a party to celebrate and at the same time celebrate her marriage.

That very night, Iago got Cassio drunk and taunted him, causing him to injure the Cypriot governor Montano, causing turmoil on the island. Cassio was dismissed from the position of Deputy General. Taking advantage of this, Iago urged Cassio to ask Desdemona to ask Othello for his old resignation.

Just in time for Cassio to urgently rely on Desdemona, Iago led Othello to prove it. From there, by cunning tricks, Iago instilled into the hearts of Othello the suspicion of his wife having colluded with Cassio. He made Othello lose confidence in people and sparked jealousy, indignation. He even unleashed his wife, Emilia, to steal Desdemona’s embroidered scarf – the sacred souvenir of Othello for his wife.

And Emilia accidentally picked up the scarf and handed it to her husband. Iago tossed the towel into Cassio’s chamber and tried to let Othello see it in Cassio’s hand, with no more doubting Othello. He orders Iago to kill Cassio and he strangles Desdemona to death. But Iago unleashes Roderigo to stab Cassio with the intention: One of them dying is in his favor because Cassio is better than him because Roderigo gave him lots of gold and silver to ask him to give Desdemona but he used it up.

The commotion killing scenes outside the castle caused Emilia to rush to report the news to Othello. And Emilia found out that Desdemona was killed. She exclaimed to let everyone know. In the words of her confrontation with Iago, Emilia saw the painful truth: The embroidered scarf that her husband so desperately demanded that she be granted was for the sake of his sinister intrigue. She denounced her husband before everyone and was stabbed to death by her husband. Othello awoke, stabbed Iago injured, then grieved, regretted, recounted his feelings, and then stabbed himself.

The meaning behind Othello

Othello tragedy was first performed on 1-11-1604 at the Watholl Palace – London. After that, Othello continuously performed in major theaters around the world. In the mid-nineteenth century, Othello became one of the first plays set in India and the first English play to be translated into Turkish.

At each different stage, the assessment of the play is also different. In America, former President John Adams saw the play as a convincing model of white-black marriage. In the Soviet Union, Othello is considered as a call for consent to the movement of national liberation in African countries…. Although there are different assessments, the perpetual theme in Othello’s tragedy is still love and jealousy.

410 years have passed since its first performance, Othello is still considered one of the classics of theater art. Not only famous on the stage, but the play Othello has also been successfully adapted by many countries such as the US, the Soviet Union, the UK, and Italy.

With unified action, high drama, contradiction, conflict and rational resolution, the combination of the dream with the terrible, the trivial, and the noble has made Othello a model of work, leaving a deep impression on the minds of audiences worldwide.


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