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War and peace: A Russian masterpiece

War & Peace

There is no war that comes at the cost of hurting so everyone in this life is looking for a peaceful life. It is an eternal story that is deeply reflected in Lev Tolstoy’s book War and Peace.

War & Peace

Not just a novel, War and Peace has become mankind’s masterpiece on the profound philosophies between good and evil in life.

Let’s find out what lie behind this masterpiece through the following article!

Great writer Lev Tolstoy laid the foundation for the great pages of Russian literature

Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy was born in September 1828, is a Russian novelist. He is known for his worship of pacifism and at the same time an influential human philosopher.

Lev Tolstoy is beloved everywhere as the greatest novelist of all novelists in the land of the birch country, most notably the masterpiece War and Peace and Anna Karenina. Both works portray the liberal and realism of life in Russia. Depicting authentically every small corner of contemporary society, it is therefore called the pinnacle of fictional reality.

Lev Tolstoy portrait

As a philosopher, Tolstoy was known for his anti-socialist ideology and capitalist aggression, and that was expressed throughout his writings as King. Kingdom in you.

His works even influenced many great figures of the 20th century. One of them is Human Rights activist Martin Luther King, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.

Tolstoy’s childhood and adolescence was a movement between Moscow and Yasnaya Polyana in a large family with three brothers and one sister. He has left us with a very vivid memory of his teenage environment in extraordinary writings. His mother passed away when he was two, and his father died when he was nine. His subsequent upbringing was given to his cousin Madame Ergolsky, who is believed to be Sonya’s role model in the novel War and Peace.

The trilogy of War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Resurrection and many other works that Tolstoy has written is always to search for the meaning of life, the meaning of life for humanity and each person.

War and peace are the awakening of people to the boundaries of good and evil

War and peace opened on the eve of the war between France and Russia. The aristocrats who attended were initially afraid of the danger of extreme violence. But then it turned to the issues that their aristocracy was always concerned about: money and death.

There was no protagonist of War and Peace; instead, the reader will immerse themself in a vast network of interconnections with questionable relationships about stories revolving around their personal and political pursuits as well as a class and other people.

Historical figures are mixed in each evolution of the story. Napoleon appeared quite a few times, for example, and even Tolstoy’s ancestors joined in as a supporting actor. When the characters and their mentality are closely linked, Tolstoy skillfully inserted between the characters profound questions about history and eternal concerns about true human happiness.

The work posed the question: Why did war start? And in the middle of the world with billions of lives, what will war bring? In the end the author has shown us that when peace is stolen, people will fall into extreme unhappiness and suffering.

The pages of War and Peace will always be lessons that remind people to cherish peace

Like many other countries, Russia has also experienced many wars, but most Russians always hold guns for the sake of righteousness, for protecting the independence of the sky, not to become traitors.

Yet, so-called war, there is always loss and pain. So the novel has helped us to have a more correct view of peace. Peace here is not only peace of the nation and people but also peace in life and human relationships.

War and Peace have taught us how to look at life. If we look at this world in all its depths, calmly and deliberately with a love of peace, how much life is still worth living.

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