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The Naked Face – The journey of finding the ego of human life!


The Naked Face is a novel in the genre of detective and criminal, featured in the early seventies, Sheldon brings readers interesting and thrilling experiences through details.

The story of The Naked Face is somewhat tense, unexpected but not rushed, causing the reader to race, everything goes on the right track and forces the reader to go to the end of the work.

Sidney Sheldon and The Naked Face at a glance

Sidney Sheldon was born in 1917 in Chicago and died in 2007 in California, USA. He is a novelist, screenwriter and screenwriter, his strengths during his five years of writing are the detective genre and The Naked Face is among them.

The writer’s father is German Jewish and his mother is of Russian descent, experiencing a difficult childhood gave Sheldon a rich experience and life, becoming the fulcrum for his novels. Sidney Sheldon lost a happy childhood because he grew up during the Great Depression, his parents only attended third grade and barely read, the writer regarded his writing success as a miracle.

The writer grew up and married actor Jorja Curtright Sheldon over thirty years, his first wife died four years when he remarried to the female artist Alexandran Kostoff.

At the age of seventeen, Sheldon left Chicago for Los Angeles to start a business, starting with script reading at major studios and gradually becoming a famous musical writer. Five years later, the writer received the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in the film The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer and marked a milestone of great success. Sheldon also won the Tony Award for the musical Redhead in 1957, the Emmy Award for the Dream of Jeannie in 1967.

He continued to move into the field of film scriptwriting, the author has released 25 film scripts, including names such as Easter Parade, Annie Get Your Gun, Jumbo and Anything Goes.

By 1963, he continued to work in the television industry by editing the program The Patty Duke Show. With her quality and relentless efforts, Sheldon has successfully produced and written the program I Dream of Jeannie. In 1989, he officially entered a professional literary man and achieved many outstanding achievements. In sixteen years of writing, the writer produced eighteen novels and sold 300 million copies, placing his name on the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most translated author.

Mystery around tragic murder cases

The Naked Face opens with the death of John Hanson, a psychiatric and gay patient. John was on the way and glad that the doctor announced he was cured, he imagined how happy it would be to give this information to his wife Mary.

Unfortunately, the good news that John Hanson could not tell his wife directly, he was killed while putting a few pennies in the donation box. There had been many assumptions that someone was teasing him, but the flow of hot magenta spilled out confirmed that this was no joke.

Received the notice, Lieutenant McGreavy went to find Dr. Judd Stevens who was the last contact with the victim. Despite Judd’s explanations and alibi, Greavy firmly suspects that he is the killer.

However, suspicion without the correct evidence is completely useless, McGreavy can not accuse or arrest Judd. And the psychiatrist said that the police lieutenant was getting his own revenge, the day before Judd had stood up to defend the killer of McGreavy’s best friend.

John Hanson’s murder had not yet subsided, a mysterious death appeared again, this time at the scene at Judd Stevens’s own office and the dead was Carol Roberts. Carol Roberts is an employee at Judd’s clinic, she was previously arrested for street fishing and drug possession. Fortunately, the sixteen-year-old girl at that time was saved by her boss, Judd sent her to school, a job and opened up a brighter future.

Yet her life was close to a new point of light, about to have her own happiness, she was murdered in the evening of the same day as John Hanson. The police were now more suspicious of Judd Stevens and he felt extremely resentful and stressed. The Carol Roberts massacre was so horrible, Judd came home with an unforgettable image of his office and he remembers memories with his employee, a generous and playful person.

Dr. Judd Stevens may seem like a weak and weak, but when faced with the risk of being deprived of his life and future happiness with Anne, he struggles with his last brain and strength. At that moment the police team led by McGreavy arrived, they destroyed the last of Anthony DeMarco’s henchmen and saved Judd from the mouth of the death tube.

Then Dr. Judd Stevens was overjoyed, proud that he had won, but then he realized he had turned into a wild animal, ambitious to kill. Judd Stevens realized that his wild beast had been exposed. Although Judd’s actions are legal protection, deep down, he realizes he enjoys doing so and accepts to live with the burden for the rest of his life.

Sidney Sheldon has succeeded in building the main character line and the villain, in each character he creates a mask and in the end it is all taken down like a screen is gradually being closed.

The ending of The Naked face is left open, the author here gives the right to choose the evolution and life of the character to readers, each different direction will reveal a different personality and person.


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