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The Last of the Stanfields – Marc Levy’s full of echo book

Marc Levy

In two distant lands, George-Harrison and Eleanor-Rigby – unknown to each other – received an anonymous letter with similar content accusing their mother of having committed a sin and having a different life. what they know. What sins have these two mothers committed in the past?

With Eleanor and George-Harrison, Marc Levy takes his readers on an adventure to occupied France in the summer of 1944, then to Baltimore in the 1980s and back to present-day London to uncover a secret that haunted. image for three generations in one family. The lies have drawn them together, but it is love that keeps them together.

Smart storytelling

Marc Levy doesn’t create his own storyteller. The story is told from the perspective of many related characters. Thoroughly understand their personality, feelings and reasons for all actions, even the craziest selfishness.

Halfway through the story, a few character revelations seem to answer the puzzle of the secret. By the time the last page closes, we have a clear look at the hidden things. The previous revelations seem to be a lie. Marc Levy does not have to work to explain everything, he is just a guide, finding “beautiful ideas” or not depends on the reader.

When we fold the book, we cannot tell who is right from wrong. To empathize, readers are forced to stand in the character position and wonder, what should I do? Because we have to explain ourselves for what we just observed, so through each person’s perception, the story will naturally have different versions. The preface at the beginning of the book reads: “Each story has three versions: your version, my version… and the correct version. No one is lying. ” (Robert Evans).

The social situation is cleverly integrated

The last of Stanfield is a story told over three generations. It is easy to understand when at each stage of society there will be its own problems. Society as well as human beings, such a living organism has its own problems. Marc Levy does not describe directly but is hidden in each page of each character’s life and mind. It is a clever and wise integration.

The Last of the Stanfields
The Last of the Stanfields

Eleanor-Rigby is typical of the people of a time of development. That development leads to an endlessly fast rotation of life. Eleanor-Rigby really doesn’t even have time for a serious love relationship. Her love life is “encapsulated in both a rare and short glamorous role”. Her dream is simple: “Sprawled out on a smooth bucket, there is a tray of food to sip while watching TV and the whole family is within reach”.

Sally and May represent American girls in the 1980s. American society at that time had many problems with gender equality. The women wanted to rise up to escape the control of the men who looked down on women and regarded women as inferior. Two talented and beautiful girls with high and beautiful ideals but cannot overcome a society dominated by power. Ideally, truth should not exist for money to continue its rise to its hegemonic role.

About the author Marc Levy

Marc Levy
Marc Levy

Marc Levy is French but has lived in America for many years. He joined the Red Cross, started a computer graphics company, and after failing, he started with architecture again. However, Marc Levy is most successful when he holds a pen. Currently, in addition to writing, he is also involved in directing a number of films. His books have been translated into 37 languages and become bestsellers worldwide. The most important works of Marc Levy are: If Only It Were True, Finding You, Seven Days for an Eternity, In Another Life, The Shadow Thief, The Strange Journey of Mr. Daldry, Replay, Stronger than Fear, Another Idea of Happiness, P.S. from Paris, … Most of these novels have been made into popular movies.


Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy, and Popular Literature [2nd Edition]

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