Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos

Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos. Beyond that, many wild animals are getting wiped out because of the exploit and overuse of natural. In fact, most of animals kept in zoos are on the brink of extinction due to their dwindling population and difficulty in reproducing.

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Many zoos also work on local conservation efforts to maintain local wildlife populations. What are the disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos? On the other hand, many would say that wild animals should not be held in captivity.

In the zoos they get daily food and are cared for.

Animals should be kept in zoos because all the animals would. Animals should not be kept in zoos (essay) although zoos look like a welcoming, and fun place for animals to interact with other animals of the same species, it is quite the opposite. Although, these animals receive veterinary care that they normally would not receive in the wild, they can suffer from severe stress.

Humans use zoos for entertainment and money.

Animals should be kept in zoos because all the animals would be extinct by now if it wasn’t for zoos. Reasons why people think keeping animals in zoos is bad for their welfare: These animals have no choice when it comes to deciding weather they are kept in captivity or not.

These animals have a higher mortality rate becausethey are lacking the skillsthey need to survive in the wild, such as being able to catch food.

Zoos cannot provide them with enough space; Zoos are the only safe environment to protect them from poachers, predators, or help them breeding. Personally, i think it depends on the state of the zoo, and why the animals are there.

Animals should be kept in zoo because in the wild they have hunt and find food.

It is not uncommon for animals to only have a limited amount of space. And zoo should provide (article missing) natural environment to animals in which they feel comfort. It has been argued that captive breeding isn’t always effective, zoos do not provide natural habitats, and that zoos put unnecessary stress on animals.

Although keeping animals in zoos have kept the animals protected, animals should be out in the wilderness which is their natural habitat because it gives the animals a place to feel free, the animals can embrace their natural instincts, and the animals get to experience the circle of life and everything that comes with it.

Yes, animals have the right to live where they want to live. Animals never get enough time for running around, playing, or hunting. Animals need to think for themselves.

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