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Pride and Prejudice or the sarcasm of the upper class?


Pride and Prejudice, one of the most beloved books of all time and also the most famous work of Jane Austen’s writing career.

Although never considered easy to read, Pride and Prejudice always have a certain place on the literary map of the world. With a classic setting, satirical text, and a humorous voice telling a joke, Jane Austen has turned an ordinary romantic novel into a unique and novel.

Let’s learn about this famous literary work together!

Pride and prejudice or sarcasm for the upper class

Pride and Prejudice opened up with a scene in the English countryside named Hertfordshire that suddenly made a stir after hearing the news that Mr. Bingley had a lot of money to buy land and settle there. But this trip was not only him but also Sir Darcy, another young noble, even richer than the other friend.

Pride & Prejudice

In order not to miss this good opportunity, Mrs. Bennet, upon hearing the news, rushed home and told her husband the purpose was so that he could set up a meeting to make Bingley a bum for one of the five beautiful girls.

Five girls, five very distinct personalities, most prominent are the older sister Jane and her second daughter Elizabeth, also known by her father by her intimate name, Lizzy. With a goddess-like beauty and a gentle and tender personality, Jane Bennet seems to represent most women in Europe in the past, so that Jane is expected by her mother a lot for the marriage between her and the aristocrat Bingley.

Mary just likes to hang around with her own philosophy of life, and Lydia and Kitty always pay attention to grand prom nights and splendid dresses. Among them, Elizabeth is the most different from her sisters. She loves reading, very funny and intelligent, but she does not have the shy look of a typical young woman. Elizabeth has a personality that resembles her father more than her mother, so her mother often ignores her and her father deeply loves and cherishes her little daughter. In stark contrast to the eldest sister, neither graceful nor arrogant, however, Elizabeth had a very delicate eye-looking at her, in addition, she also had her own opinion for her love. It was for that reason that her father, Mr. Bennet, was determined not to marry her to anyone that did not deserve.

Ironically, Elizabeth always thought that anyone from a prestigious family that specifically Darcy would carry on her pride and a rigid patriarchal lifestyle. As for Mr. Darcy, who always insists with pride from his background, as well as contact with many types of people in society, he thinks that anyone who approaches him is because of his heritage. And Elizabeth is no exception.

The same dream about an unsuccessful love story

Those who admire Jane Austen’s talents know that for the rest of her life, she hasn’t been married. And most of her novels like Pride and Prejudice or Reason and Romance have the appearance of a talented, elegant man named Tom Lefroy.

Although most of Jane Austen’s writings are inspired by the love story of her and Tom Lefroy. Many of Jane’s novels have their own happy ending, with Pride and Prejudice being a prime example. However, the biggest difference between life and the story is that, between her and her lover, there is no happy ending.

Jane Austen met her first love the year she turned twenty, then, Tom Lefroy was still a guy law student to Hampshire to visit a relative. This fate brought Jane and Tom together. They have been walking together for several weeks with a very romantic, beautiful love. This romance is like what Jane Austen wrote about a love story in her novel Pride and Prejudice.

Tom Lefroy is a standard man, quiet but very kind. This made her indulge in the sweetness of this law student. But money has brought two people apart. If Jane was the daughter of a middle-class family, while Tom was born into a not-so-well-off family of 11 siblings. Tom understands the burden that he will have to carry after he gets married. And his mother could not guarantee the happiness of her son when the girl’s side could not give her a significant dowry. Therefore, Tom later married another lady, who was richer.

And Jane Austen was still alone until her death. Until old age, young Tom Lefroy admitted every day, the greatest love of his life was Jane. After an eventful love separated by matter, Jane Austen still lived a life alone without her lover. However, her letters still condense a lot of feelings about the love of a couple. Which shows most clearly through the works Jane has written.

Since then, her reputation is still popular around the world, thanks in part to her pet Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen has always been the most admired British female writer, for her childhood dedication to her creation.


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