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Love in William Shakespeare’s plays!


The love in Shakespeare’s plays has become the love stories told through all time, causing many generations to fall in love and admire.

William Shakespeare is a famous poet and playwright in England with his immortal works still praised. His plays have diverse themes in which love is indispensable color.

Therefore, let’s go learn about the color of love in his plays through the following article!

Romeo & Juliet – The tragedy of love lives forever in the times

Romeo & Juliet is William Shakespeare’s most famous love tragedy, written around 1594-1595, based on a pre-existing story about an unjust love story, which happened in Italy during the period Medieval.

Romeo & Juliet - The tragedy of love lives forever in the times

Romeo and Juliet belong to two families of Montague and Capulet and have a long-standing feud with each other. But they fell in love as soon as they saw each other in the Capulet’s masquerade. Romeo was bewildered by Juliet’s wonderful beauty, and Juliet was ecstatic at Romeo’s graceful elegance. They believe that fate has arranged for them to meet, and they vow to be together forever. Their act of dying together is a deep mark of standard romantic love, Romeo & Juliet style.

“Heaven is where her is.”

Romeo died when he saw his passionate lover lying there. A passionate, fierce, dreamy, intense, pure love. The image of him lifting a cup of poison, and saying, “So I can kiss you and die” is beautiful, and also heartbreaking.

Love of Rome and Juliet can be considered as the most beautiful love of all time.

Twelfth Night – Love is blind

Twelfth Night is Shakespeare’s comedy, which has been written around 1601. The twelfth night is the end of the Christmas season.

Twelfth Night - Love is blind

The play focuses on twins Viola and Sebastian, who lost each other in a shipwreck. In one occasion, when Duke Orsino asked Caseario to “send” his heart to Oliva when he saw Caserio (Viola), he fell in love passionately. Viola was saved when shipwrecked. ashore. She disguised herself as a young man named Cesario and joined the service of the Duke of Orsino. Soon Viola fell in love with Orsino. Meanwhile, the duke fell in love with Olivia.

A love triangle was formed: Viola fell in love with Duke Orsino, Duke Orsino fell in love with Olivia, and Olivia fell in love with Viola in disguise as Cesario. The drama’s details become more interesting when the twin brother with the same face as Viola appeared, and when Olivia met him, she immediately “kidnapped” to get married because he thought he was the Cesario she loved.

The misunderstanding was resolved when both Viola and Sebastian were present at the same time. But that was done, so Oliva accepted Sebastian as her replacement, Viola revealed her status as a young woman and married Orsino.

In the end, everything was smooth, and the slightly blind aftertaste made everyone fall in love. The world in the Twelfth Night was soaked with love and joy.

Antony and Cleopatra – Love and power

Shakespeare’s tragedy Antony and Cleopatra, first performed at the Blackfriars Theater, circa 1607. The Battle of Actium off the west coast of Greece, Cleopatra fled with her 60 ships and Antony followed her. , ruined his forces. The love story between Cleopatra, queen of ancient Egypt and Mark Antony, general of the Roman army begins around 41 BC.

Antony and Cleopatra - Love and power

Ashamed for what he did for Cleopatra’s love, Antony scolded her for making him a coward, but also placed this sincere and deep love above all else, saying “Give me one kiss, even this answers me ”. With many conflicts, around power, and hatred, Cleopatra tried to please her lover by informing Antony that she was dead. Too painful at this news, Antony used his sword to stab him in the stomach to commit suicide.

And then, Cleopatra also committed suicide, in her mind, desperately hoping that she could meet her lover Antony again in the afterlife. Love in Antony and Cleopatra is tied to conspiracy, ambition, and power. Finally, two lovers are dead, but their love is what remains.

Shakespeare has been very successful in building two historical figures Cleopatra and Antony into two close, living figures in his play.

The Merchant of Venice – Love and trust

In the play, The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare Portia, and Bassanio’s love is sweet, pure, and passionate.

The Merchant of Venice - Love and trust

“I do not want to lose you”, “I all belong to you” – she uttered those words with all her heart. Portia and Bassanio, though not known for a long time, but Portia has put full trust in him. When he had to choose 3 boxes of gold, silver, and lead according to the will that her father left, she prayed for him, moment by moment. If he was mistaken, he wouldn’t be able to overcome the challenge of marrying her.

When Bassanio’s best friend was in danger (because he wanted to help two people), Portia was also very intelligent, brave, not afraid to help. She skillfully advised the rich, mean tycoon Shylock to give up the intention of killing Antonio, but he insisted on not listening but wanted to torture him. At that time, based on the contract and the laws of Venice, she caused Shylock’s plot to completely fail. How can you cut someone’s flesh without making him bleed?

Indeed, her heart and intellect were worthy of being cherished and cherished by Bassanio. They married in full laughter. A fairytale love story, but also very modern, because Bassanio and Portia took the initiative to come together, to fight for each other’s love.

To this day, almost all of Shakespeare’s plays have been set up and released. If you are a lover of Shakespeare’s literature, you can refer to the book below to understand the author’s intentions.

The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare

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