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Jane Austen and the queen of romance novels!


In the literature of the 21st century, Jane Austen has always been a name that has been praised by fans for her achievements to humanity. However, her reputation was recognized only about two decades after her death. 

Why is that? Let find out the reason and get to know more about her literature through the following article!

A brief summary of writer Jane Austen

In her childhood, Jane Austen always considered writing a failed job in her entire life. But until now, she has always considered a typical monument representing the romantic literature school of England.

With her breakthrough writing style and skillful narrative art, Jane Austen’s stories always take the reader from surprise to surprise. Sometimes, even those are grotesque situations, creating great excitement for readers. Therefore, Jane Austen has affirmed her name on each work in particular and on England literature in general.

The portrait of Jane Austen

Jane Austen was born in 1775, in a rural village in the north of Hampshire County, England. She is the seventh daughter in a crowded family of siblings. Her father, Pastor George Austen, is also a well-known scholar in the area.

Jane’s father gave her an academic environment from a very young age. As a scholar, Mr. George always encourages his children to be eager to learn, to think independently, and because of that, the amount of knowledge that Jane mainly acquires is in the talented father more than that. at school.

In the last two centuries, when women were studying with only one desire to get a matching husband, then George, with a pre-era thought, always thought that education for women should be considered. equally important to men. Throughout her childhood, Jane Austen had read a lot of books, adding love from family and close friendships, which created the most common setting in her works. This is also a good foundation for Jane’s literary talent to flourish.

Jane Austen started writing very early. This is also very understandable because her family members have a tradition of acting together, so Jane has many opportunities to debut her works. She often borrows books from the local library, thereby creating her own stories. These things deeply influenced the unique and bold Jane Austen.

As an adult, Jane along with her close sister Cassandra were sent to Stanford University. If Cassandra had an endless passion for painting, Jane began to fall in love with poetry. Because they grew up and went to school together, their sisterhood gradually became so close that Jane became a model in many of Cassandra’s paintings, and their relationship also became the inspiration for the author to write the novel Pride and Prejudice that resonates worldwide.

Unique literary voice of Jane Austen

Talking about Jane Austen, one cannot help but think of the humorous literature mixed with a bit of deep satire about the bad habits of the society at that time. Since then, it highlights the moral values ​​of human beings and at the same time brings laughter to the readers. This style of writing becomes a breath of fresh air in real literature and is a highlight when it comes to Jane Austen’s. Completely different from the romantic, somewhat flowery, exaggerated writing style that was very popular at that time.

Pride & Prejudice

The female characters in Jane’s stories, most of them have very special personalities. They overcame all barriers and prejudices in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, which always set out the image of the female character who was always shy and stubborn. But from Jane Austen’s point of view, the type of woman on those pages still doesn’t seem to be truly living with themselves.

With a sharp observation ability and an extremely delicate literary mind, Jane has built up the female character line that is extremely brave, full of confidence, while daring to stand up to fight for their own aspirations. Therefore, the novels of Jane Austen have a close connection with the present era. This is probably the reason why her daring literature was rarely received by the public in her lifetime.

The special thing in Jane Austen’s novels does not stop at the ability to build the character image. She cleverly created a humorous scene of middle-class England, began to delve deeply into personality, the conflict between women and the social context in which they lived.

Jane Austen’s works are extremely close to reality. When reading, we can easily see extremely ordinary characters, they also face the choice of fame, fortune, material or love dominated by class and framework. From there, readers can easily imagine the importance of love and family and extensive experience in life to contribute to mold the complete characters.

Jane Austen’s works of life

Most people who heard Jane Austen’s name, people immediately thought of the novel that was always in the top favorite books, Pride and Prejudice. But few people know that other works also contributed to her name such as Sense and Sensibility, Emma.


The common point of these works is that she depicts the image of a very strong woman, assertive, with righteous thoughts in love. Besides, there are elegant aristocrats that make many girls fall in love.

When reading Jane Austen’s works, readers always see a very fulfilling ending. Overcoming many waves, the characters have also found each other, this is also Jane Austen’s wish when she was not married at the end of her life.

Most of the male character lines she wrote were based on the model of her first and only love, Thomas Langlois Lefroy, also known as Tom Lefroy. Different from the pages of the story, in real life, although Jane Austen tried to fight for her love, she and Tom Lefroy still did not come together. This left a lasting torment until her death.

Jane Austen died at the age of forties, in the arms of her close sister Cassandra. She died of adrenal insufficiency syndrome known as Addison. After Jane died, two books were published, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

Up to now, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the death of Jane Austen. But the talent and ideals that Jane left to earth remain with time, full of hopes for true love, which she still hurts throughout her life.


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