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It had to be you – Happiness is not a love song

Susan Elizabeth Phillips's It had to be you

It had to be you is a novel by American author Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It can be said that this is a work full of rebellion, although it was born in 1994, but up to now, many readers must still be “shocked” with the rebellion it brings.

However, behind the daring and disruptive content, the book contains many beautiful and contemplative human values.

The main character of the work is Phoebe, a girl who is not afraid of heaven, not afraid of the earth, and lives in accordance with the type of girl “long-haired short” or heard about in modern society. She became even more ostentatious and arrogant after inheriting a huge fortune with a football team, considered a legend in that area, from her “distant” father just passed away. She casually accepted the tattooed and contemptuous gazes of others without explanation. But behind the shell of her arrogance, who knows is a past full of wounds that have never been healed.

Happiness is a choice

Happiness is not a natural thing, but it comes from the choices and sacrifices of each human being. However, for some people, it is an easy and right choice, but for some, it is an extremely difficult choice, because for them to pursue happiness or to decline is also wrong. left. Phoebe was the second type of person, she had long ago let go of all these delusional happy things. A past too many bad things, too much pain no one understood, took all her weaknesses and hopes away. The life she lived through was nothing but wrong, wrongs became obvious, even became Phoebe’s own strength.

It had to be you
It had to be you

As for Tom, he has a free life, has beautiful desires for love and happiness, but more than once he is disappointed by the ugly reality of life. But he is much luckier than Phoebe, his heart is always full of enthusiasm and vitality with life.

Two people, who seemed to belong to two different worlds, were attracted to each other and that attraction also seemed to be the only thing that existed between the two. Because one person has accepted to let go of happiness, another does not think that he will put happiness in another person. But then after countless contempt, misunderstandings, quarrels, Tom gradually realizes and understands Phoebe’s deep trauma, Phoebe is also burned by the fire where Tom softens the devastation in the spirit. my soul. When Tom and Phoebe didn’t even know if it was happiness, their souls unconsciously chose each other.

Happiness is a surprise

Phoebe never thought in this life that she would find a person who could love, cherish her, could get rid of her past, could protect her from the old ghosts surrounded by spirits. soul. Tom never thought, the woman who would give him home was a wild girl with beaded sunglasses, but no freckles on her cheeks.

Happiness is like a purple seashell on the sand. If the waves have not gone through the waves, have not waited for the endless years, the seashell will not reach the sand, and the boy, if he does not think that the seashell is white, he will not be happy and treasured. that when she found the purple cockle.

Happiness is sometimes not about having what you want to have, but just wanting to appreciate what you have.

Happiness is not a love song

Not beautiful like the lyrics of the song and not as short as that. Happiness is often filled with tragedy and pain that is hard to say. But it will be the last thing that exists, making people’s hearts peaceful.

A guy playing with a petty petty bitch, outsiders would talk about Tom and Phoebe like that. Their happiness and love are hard to write into lyrics of love songs, hard to touch listeners. But the wounds in that little girl’s heart touched the player’s heart, and only she knew that the dream that always remained in the playboy’s mind was so gentle.

It Had To Be You is a novel that touches a lot of readers’ emotions. It’s deep, bold, bold, and touching. In addition, it also shows new concepts about happiness, love, and especially the value of women.


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