How To Sage Your House Prayer

How To Sage Your House Prayer. If you’re smudging a room or multiple. Smudging prayer is very effective with the use of sage.

Cleanse & and Bless Your Home with White Sage Sage
Cleanse & and Bless Your Home with White Sage Sage from

Clean your blinds of dust and open them to let the light in. How to sage your room (plus a smudge prayer) watch later. Invite your angels and guides to assist you.

How to prepare a prayer for blessing a house?

An abalone shell or clay bowl (representing water and earth elements) or another fireproof container. Once the white sage has begun to smoke start walking clockwise around the home. Say an affirmation or a prayer of cleansing your home.

Take a look at shamans market offerings of this special herb.

Fr example, for cleansing focus on “cleansing the space of negative energy”. When the smudge stick is lit, walk around the area you wish to cleanse to ensure the purifying energies reach into every corner. There is a lot of positivity in the world, but.

You should always sage when you move into a new home.

With clear intention, create a prayer or mantra to use during your practice. It’s important to not only cleanse your space, but also cleanse yourself of the energies of others, as well as negativity from your past that no. You can do whatever sounds good for you.

And for protection focus on “protecting the house of negative and evil forces”.

Smudging prayer for home to welcome compassion and love. It is best to start at your front door and move in a clockwise circle. After all, that negativity (not to mention smoke) needs to have a pathway to get out.

Even a simple “i cleanse my sacred space now as i prepare for ceremony and prayer”will work.

Gathered together on this page are a number of inspiring prayers and resources for blessing your home. The intention must be simple and easy to focus on. Smudging prayer is very effective with the use of sage.

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