How To Convince Your Parents To Get Snapchat

How To Convince Your Parents To Get Snapchat. This video was highly requested! Top posts may 11th 2015 top posts of may, 2015 top.


Don't forget to ask your teen to show you some of their snaps and some of the cool features they like in the app. How can i convince my parents to get me a phone at age 14? When you open the app it will immediately turn on the camera and show you staring at the phone.

They won’t flip out if you ask them somewhere were there are other people.

Demonstrate those two qualities to them, and you might begin to change their minds about snapchat. This video was highly requested! Tell them why you want it.

Parents, if your child has a smartphone, it's very likely that he has also started using snapchat, a social media app that allows the user to send photos and videos to a select group of friends.

Thank you so much for 3,070 subscribers! You can also choose “everyone” or “custom” from the “view my story” section of the app, which is defaulted to “my friends”. 3 do something nice for your parents first.

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You’re more likely to convince your parents if you have a strong case, so plan to show them that your new phone is a necessity by brainstorming all the reasons why you need one. You can start by a normal conversation. To all of you who had to convince your parents to let you get a snapchat, how did you do it?

If you plan ahead, you can also make sure you do all your chores and behave well so they’ll be more likely to reward you.

In this step, you should try your best to convince your parents. Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history and influence tv recommendations. The first step is to prepare yourself mentally.

And bring logic to the table.

The second step is to convince them to take action. How can i sneak my parents into snapchat? (1) for their children to be safe and healthy and well of body, mind, and spirit, and (2) for their children to respect them as their parents.

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