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Gone with the wind and its idyllic author

Gone with the wind

Gone with the Wind first published in 1936, is a love novel by Margaret Mitchell, who won the Pulitzer Prize for this work in 1937. The story is set in Georgia and Atlanta, in the southern United States during the civil war and reconstruction period. The work revolves around Scarlett O’Hara, a powerful Southern girl who must find ways to survive the war and overcome a difficult life in the postwar period. The novel was adapted into a film in 1937.

So let’s learn more about Gone with the wind to know why it is one of the 12 novels that people must read in all time.

Who is Margaret Mitchell?

Margaret Mitchell was born in 1900 into an educated family in Atlanta. Her father is the president of the Atlanta Historical Society. Graduated from Smith University, Mitchell became a medical doctor. But after the mother’s death, she decided to return home to take care of her father and younger brother.

In 1922 she married Berrien Kinnard Upshaw and worked as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal under the pseudonym Peggy Mitchell. The marriage broke up not long after that, but in return, Mitchell quickly succeeded in the role of a journalist. In 1925, Mitchell remarried to John Robert Marsh – a person working in the advertising industry.

In 1926, a sudden accident caused an ankle injury that caused a future writer to permanently quit the profession of journalism. She lived quietly and crouched in “The Dump” – the name she gave herself to her small room in the couple’s apartment on Crescent Avenue.

Margaret Mitchell besides her works

Margaret Mitchell is an active woman, but also very emotional. With her husband’s encouragement, she decided to write “whatever she wanted” on her husband’s advice. Recalling the stories told by relatives and those who participated in the civil war in the 1860s, Margaret Mitchell secretly started writing the biggest novel of her life.

Very few people knew that Margaret was writing and John Marsh was the only one to read the pages of her recently finished manuscript.

The deep meaning inside Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind has a strong attraction to American young people as well as young people all over the world because this is a unique love novel. Strangely, in the war and the extremely arduous post-war years, love is always dazzling, becoming a driving force to help people overcome death, hunger and humility … Not only Love boys and girls, “Gone with the Wind” is also a song of love for the motherland, mutual love.

Gone with the wind

The story is set in the historical context of the South-North War divided between the industrial North, representing the progressive forces that advocated the annihilation of serfs, and the South – the South. represents the stubborn reactionary conservative force that maintains black slavery. The main character of more than a thousand pages novel is Scarlett O’Hara.

Scarlett is a beautiful girl, the daughter of a wealthy landlord. Pampered from a young age, Scarlett is stubborn and selfish but has a lot of energy. After the fall of Atlanta, Scarlett returned to her farm and started to rebuild from scratch. Thanks to her tenacity and practical thinking, Scarlett saved her home from the destruction of General Sherman’s soldiers.

The terrible difficulties caused by the brutal war have trained Scarlett’s personality, so by the end of the war, she had become a completely different person. Paralleling Scarlett is a very typical character; Rhett Butler, a very pragmatic and cunning person. Rhett Butler used war and blockade to carry out many large oppression that brought him a lot of profit.

Scarlett and Rhett match on many points, but because of her arrogance and misunderstanding Scarlett rejected love, until finally after breaking up with Rhett, she realized deeply that it was Rhett who was her lover. thought of yourself. Meanwhile, for so many years she still thought she loved Ashley Wilkes, Melanie’s husband.

The work with a page number of 1037 (first published) is divided into 5 parts about the love story of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler in a thrilling, engaging and touching manner. Just three weeks after being published, Gone with the wind caught the attention of more than seventeen thousand readers. And in 1937, it was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, an award desired by many writers.

Gone with the wind novel and its author

By December 1938 more than one million seven copies had been published in the United States. Exactly a year later when the film based on the novel first hit the American audience, more than two million copies of it were printed and translated into sixteen different languages ​​around the world.

By 1962 there were more than ten million copies and the book has been translated into more than three dozen languages ​​and has been transformed into a book for the blind to read.

The story does not take the reader into a dreamlike pink world but has revealed a realistic picture, about money, people, livelihoods, status, and fame. However, there is no lack of poetry, there is no lack of gentle but haunting vibrations, so that readers, after reading the book, can let go of the book, but it is still impossible to forget the book’s sound.


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