Cat Age In Human Years Converter

Cat Age In Human Years Converter. And a human's top age can be 100. 12 human years = 70 cat years;

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After reaching two, each additional year is an extra four cat years. This means that by year two, a cat has matured to about the same as a 25 year old human. Two ways to look at age.

It will continue to grow and develop in its second year although as it ages its growth slows, so this second year equates to just nine human years.

Thus we have the formula: Not everyone agrees on the same conversion formula. Okay, i'll get to the point.

12 human years = 70 cat years;

The first year of a cat´s life is equivalent to 15 human years whilst the second year is only equivalent to 10 human years. So i came up with this simple calculator using a data table i found in a cat book. Cats age much more quickly in their first two years of life and then the aging process slows down and continues more steadily in that for every human 2 years, each cat year equals approximately 4 human years.

Cats can live for more than 100 human years!

Then, add 9 years for the second year. From 7 to 9 years: On average, indoor cats may live from 12 to 18 years, and many even survive into their 20's.

Between 16 and 19 years:

14 human years = 80 cat years; 6 human years = 42 cat years; 22 rows cat age calculator is a cat age in human years converter.

Cat years to human years.

Now, in the second year, the cat grows at a fast pace, but slower than the first year. It helps you to find cat age. A cats age is estimated at the equivalent of twenty five human years when they reach two years of age.

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