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Anne of Green Gables – A Sweet Experience With Little Anne

Anne of Green Gables 2

Anne of Green Gables is an interesting story about the life of Anne, a bright red-haired girl with no parents. The story begins when a couple mistook her for adoption, it was the sweetest mistake of Anne’s life and that family. Green Gables is a beautiful place with Anne, accompanying her all the way through her life with honest and wonderful people.

The book is the first work of writer Lucy Maud Montgomery in the classic series about the little girl Anne has achieved great success. Background story in dreamland on the island of Prince Edward, eastern Canada.

Join us to find out how Anne’s story unfolded.

1. The story conveys a gentle and profound humanistic lesson

The story about human love, people with different circumstances and personalities but honesty and compassion. Like liana, intertwined firmly and firmly, relying on each other to find meaning in life, because the opponent is sweet, determined, strong, although each has its own limitations. They are fragile, love each other and overcome everyday suffering and sorrow.

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables

A quiet, mischievous, but industrious Matthew, and in some way persistent but lovable. He is not good at expressing thoughts and often uses actions to prove his will. Marilla Cuthbert is frank, hard-tempered, but sometimes understanding and patient. From the moment they met Anne, their hidden traits showed themselves, and realized how new they were. Anne really made the old couple young again, joy gradually rekindled in the peaceful Green Gables.

The lesson of friendship is the close bond between the two girls Anne and Diana, experiencing a fierce childhood together, sharing the most hidden secrets. These are idle, childish anger towards his opposite-friend Gilbert Blythe. All create a colorful picture.

2. Red-haired Anne, who brings an immense love of her imagination.

Anne is the girl who can make the world love her. She optimistic about life, for the world is always new and attractive. Anne loves everything she sees or comes across. Not because she has a happy and relaxed life, but her life is also full of unhappiness. She knows that most clearly, but not because of that, life becomes distorted. She chooses imagination as a gift from heaven. Maybe that’s why she so strongly overcome reality with the beautiful things in her mind. But the most important thing Anne has is belief, belief in life. She believes in people’s hearts, believes that the world is not meant to be harsh to her and believes that she is always happy.

“Oh, they mean well – I know they want to be as nice and kind as possible. As long as people mean well to me, I won’t mind if they don’t – always. They have a lot to worry about, you know. Having a drunk husband must work hard, and twins three times in a row must do the same, don’t you think? But I feel sure they want to be nice to me. ”

A dreamy but knowledgeable baby, intelligent and interesting. Seemingly opposite but extremely reasonable. Lucy Maud Montgomery’s attractive writing is enough to make Anne stand out, brilliant in the eyes of readers. She is more mature than her peers, able to express her words fluently and accurately that many adults cannot do. But Anne is just a little girl who easily loves the world around her, is curious and wants to discover everything, makes mistakes and corrects, then gradually grows up and has ambitions, stumbles …


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